Sergio Busquets Has Tested Positive For Coronavirus

The Spanish national team confirmed in an official statement that Sergio Busquets has tested positive. The encounter against Lithuania will be played by Spain’s Under 21s and with Luis de la Fuente as manager, while the Spain first team confirm whether there have been further infections as a result of the midfielder.

Disaster in the Spanish national team. After the international friendly against Portugal, Sergio Busquets tested positive for coronavirus. This was confirmed via an official statement which indicated that the rest of the squad were negative. Even so, the Under 21s will be the team to play their next match against Lithuania on June 8.

Luis de la Fuente will take charge of the side in place of Luis Enrique, while the national team first look to ensure that no one else has been infected as a result of Busquets. In this manner, it is worth remembering that the incubation period for COVID-19 can take several days, meaning it will be vital to monitor the players and staff over the coming days

All of the squad’s communication and marketing appearances have now been cancelled, as the squad now have to look for different ways to train in preparation for the Euros. The tournament is just around the corner – Spain’s first match is on June 14 – meaning Luis Enrique and his side face a race against the clock to confirm there hasn’t been an outbreak in the squad.

Given that it is likely that many supporters had bought tickets for the match against Lithuania to see players from the first team play, the written statement offered the refund of the tickets to those affected.

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