UEFA’s Protocol Requires A Negative COVID Test Or Proof Of Being Vaccinated

UEFA’s protocol requires a negative COVID test or proof of being vaccinated against the coronavirus for anyone who wants to access the La Cartuja stadium , whether public or players.

After the positive of Busquets, the Selection must keep ten days of quarantine, time that exceeds what is missing for the first game and the rival, Sweden, demands that our players complete the isolation time to avoid possible infections . UEFA will do “what needs to be done” to prevent the Eurocopa outbreak from spreading.

Spain is locked up in Las Rozas and his shirt doesn’t fit around his neck because the incubation time of the virus is indeterminate , but it ranges between two and seven days. By jumping the positive of Busquets this Sunday, there may be new cases until next time, just the eve of the game against Sweden.

UEFA will also not allow Luis Enrique to expand the list from 24 players to 26 , as the rest of the teams have done. The Asturian coach decided to bring two footballers less than the rest of the teams so as not to have to leave three in the stands in each match, but with this he assumed the risk of being left behind in the face of a coronavirus outbreak . Yes, he can replace Busquets for this reason, but he will not be able to increase the number of summoned to 26.

The members of the Spanish team, fifty people, will pass new PCR controls today , a practice that will be practically daily until their participation in the Eurocup begins and also during the tournament. UEFA will require that all footballers have a negative PCR before each match or trip.

If the contagion of Busquets stays there there will be no problem, but if it spreads out of control, Spain runs the risk of being excluded from the competition . In the Federation they are outraged with the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, for not having attended their claims so that the Absolute footballers were vaccinated, as was done with those of the Olympic team.

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