“I Have To Talk To Ancelotti; I Want To Be Important”

“We are all eligible. Of course, going to a Eurocup or training to be with teammates is something that I like. I would like to, but it does not depend on me.”

Will you continue at Real Madrid ?: “I believe that this year I have hardened a lot as a player and I think now is the time to settle in a club with a long contract and be able to show my game. Ancelotti has just arrived and we have to talk I have never met him, but there are players who speak well to me of him. I am sure that Madrid will do well. ”

Zidane’s departure: “Those of us who know what Zidane has given to Madrid know that it is a shame that he left. We are all passing through. I think Zidane was always clear with me. He told me that I was a player of the future for Real Madrid I asked him to go out on loan and he told me that one year at Madrid they were like 8 out. That helped me to be a better player now. ”

What did you lack when you arrived at Madrid ?: “I arrived when I was very young. I was an important player at Betis and I came to a Champions League club and it was very difficult to get into the team. I had a good debut against Alavés with two goals. , but it was difficult to get in. The players are turning years old and I am now 24 and I am much more of a player than I was then. ”

Who did you enjoy the most with ?: “The greatest satisfaction was playing at Betis, because I have been Betis since I was little. With Arteta I have been very comfortable at Arsenal and also at the National Team. But more at Betis with Víctor Sánchez del Amo.

Where would you go if you had the same offer from PSG, Juve and Barcelona ?: “I would not go to Barcelona because I am a Madrid player and my dream is to succeed at Real Madrid.

Kanté: “He is a player that people think is very defensive, but with the ball he does everything well. He is a very complete player.”

What do you expect for this year ?: “It is clear that the first thing is to talk to the coach and find out what he wants from me and also tell him what I want, which is to be important. I am not going to the Eurocup and soon there will be a World Cup . It has to be a conversation between both with the clear things “.

Settling in a place: “It is not the same to be involved in the dynamics of a club with a long contract to be on loan. It is missed. It is something that these last two years did not have and I want to settle down, play and be happy.

To continue at Arsenal ?: “Arteta is a coach who has been with Guardiola for a few years. He is a coach who in a few years will be one of the best, but I would like to return to LaLiga.”

Would you play for Sevilla ?: “Sevilla is a great club, but I would never play for Sevilla.”

Does it show when a coach doesn’t like you ?: “You can guess it, but it’s difficult. Putting yourself in Zidane’s shoes is difficult. The position of coach and at Real Madrid is the most complicated thing in the world.”

Did you say goodbye to Zidane ?: “His phone didn’t have his phone, but I’m sure we’ll meet in the future.”

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