Real Madrid Resigns With Kylian Mbappé

When Al Khelaifi, president of PSG, dropped the bomb on the pages of L’Équipe this Sunday ( ” Kylian Mbappé will continue in Paris; we will never sell him and he will never go free” ), between Florentino Pérez and the senior executives of the white club ran a message of resignation that was already beginning to take shape in view of the uncompromising stance shown by the sheikh of the Parisian club in recent weeks.

A feeling of resignation begins to take hold of the white leaders, since the game of cards is still blocked to the despair of Madrid and Mbappé himself.

The problem is not the first part of the sentence (“We are never going to sell him”), since it is already known that PSG is not a selling club as it already demonstrated in its previous pulses with players like Verratti and Rabiot. Money is not a problem for them and PSG loves to stage that they prefer to lose a succulent transfer amount rather than admit that a player of theirs is betting on a sports project in another club which they consider more attractive in all aspects . That terrifies them as they consider it a proof of institutional and sporting weakness.

What has frustrated a lot in the leadership of Madrid is the second sentence (“He will never go free”) . Those are major words, given that it is already known that Kylian ends his contract with PSG on June 30, 2022, there is only one year and 23 days left. In the Valdebebas offices they aspire to a scenario similar to the one Messi has drawn at Barça (he still has not signed his continuity with the Barça club and ends his contract on the 30th) or even Sergio Ramos himself at Madrid.

The strategy with Mbappé is to have convinced him As it has been so far, not to sign its renewal due to many zeros to the right that the sheikh puts it. And he is putting them on … Some are already talking that they have offered him an annual salary of 80 million euros gross (40 net), an amount that is far from being afforded by the Real Madrid entity at the moment .

The problem is that although the boy is stoically enduring the temptations in the form of a galactic salary, the expression “he will never go free” implies that Al Khelaifi will do everything reasonable and unreasonable in order to make Mbappé give his arm to twist. here in June 2022.

The pressure on the boy will be brutal and more with the prospect of the Qatar World Cup, which will be played in November, five months after his current contract with the French club expires.

Consequently, Madrid is resigned to the fact that this summer it will not be possible to see the dream of seeing Mbappé in white come true, so everything remains in the hands of Kylian’s strength to endure without signing the renewal . Unfortunately, everything points to a summer of signings without Mbappé or Haaland. You have to reinvent yourself or find an incentive in the market that is not in sight right now. The two jewels of the summer are now very far from the new Bernabéu …

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