Ramos Is Not Thinking Of Revealing His Future Until The Last Day

Sergio Ramos wants to speak. According to ‘Deportes Cuatro’, the captain will announce his future, but he will not do so until the final day of his contract, 30th June. And he will do so in style. In front of all the media in a press conference. There he will say whether he is staying at Real Madrid or not.

Sergio Ramos’ future is still the biggest thing to be decided right now at the Santiago Bernabeu. Nothing has changed in recent times or at least nothing has been made public.

Ramos asked for at least a two year deal to stay at Real Madrid. But the club have remained firm all this time. He was given an offer in March and that offer has remain untouched since then. It will not be altered now either.

Everyone is waiting for the Madrid player’s decision. But we will have to wait a bit longer yet to know whether he will stay at Real Madrid or not.

‘Deportes Cuatro’ says that Ramos will not reveal his final decision until the day his contract expires. In other words, 30th June. The captain’s plan is to arrange a press conference for that day.

They also say that Ramos wants to announce the decision himself and more importantly, why he has come to this decision. He wants to “tell his truth.”

‘Mundo Deportivo’ adds that Real Madrid have taken for granted that he will leave. Ramos still has to speak to the new coach, Carlo Ancelotti, but it does not seem like that will change his decision.

In any case, the end is near. We will see if, as ‘Deportes Cuatro’ says, Ramos surprises people in the press conference by saying he will stay or whether he will look for a new club.

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