Manchester City’s President Regrets Being A Part Of The Super League Project

In statements to City’s official media outlets, club president Khaldoon Al Mubarak recognised his regret at having formed the Super League.

That said, he acknowledged that the club stepped away from the project after realising the error they had made and that, to be the best in the world, sometimes you have to take risks.

Manchester City’s president is in a state of regret over having joined the European Super League. He explained this in statements to the club’s media officials, who had gathered regarding Aguero’s exit from the club. He praised the Argentine and declared that his legacy at the club is unforgetable, although he had to time to give his thoughts on his role in the failed Super League project.

“I absolutely regret the Super League. The benefit of hindsight is easy right now. I regret it and you can see it: our reluctance. It was very difficult. I think you can see in terms of the timing of when we actually did commit, it tells you a lot in terms of how challenging a decision it was and how much we struggled with that decision. But you can also see that once we recognise there was a mistake, that’s it”, he declared.

“We needed to go out immediately. We want to be the best club in the world and to do so, we have to disrupt and we will disrupt. In being disruptive, sometimes you make mistakes. We have made mistakes in the past, we will make mistakes in the future, but we will do more right than wrong. We will be better, stronger and more successful”, he added.

Regarding Aguero, he said: “You can say that he is the biggest legend at the club. What he’s achieved in these ten years, the titles he’s won, the influence he’s had on our football. We all know what influence he’s had on this club, but you also can’t ignore the impact he’s had on the Premier League in general.”

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