Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) Is To Make A Sneaky New Plan As The Rovers Goes Up For Sale

Monday night’s episode (May 31) saw Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) confess to Johnny (Richard Hawley) about her fling with Ronnie, with the show announcing last month that Johnny will put The Rovers up for sale after deciding his marriage is over.

In scenes to air at the end of next week, viewers will see Johnny put the pub up for sale following Jenny’s bombshell confession.

But, does Daisy have a plan to take it back?

Following Johnny’s big decision, the news is broken to Sean and Emma that the pub is being sold at a staff meeting.

After she is seen attempting to ward off potential buyers, Daisy approaches Jenny and encourages her that they should raise the cash and sneakily buy the pub themselves.

But, will it work

Speaking recently about her potential future as a villain on the show, Daisy actress Charlotte Jordan told Digital Spy and other media: “Well, this is the thing – I’ve had discussions with the script editors, storyliners and producers because I think that’s still quite up in the air.

sean tully, jenny connor and emma brooker in coronation street”I think they’re still deciding just how dark can we make her. So the honest answer is I don’t really know!

“I’m trying to leave options when I’m working for her to be more humane, and I’m trying to leave options for her to maybe be totally psychotic. So I don’t really know at the moment.

“Right now she’s a bit of a troublemaker, she’s a bit minxy and she’s got a bit of a backstory behind it. I’m getting to play all sides of the spectrum, which is lovely.”

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