Carlo Ancelotti Wasted No Time In Accepting Real Madrid’s Offer

The Italian coach enthusiastically received the call from the white club and did not hesitate to accept the offer that came from the other side of the line.

Everton was thus left without a coach a few weeks before starting a key summer for their interests and, from The Athletic, they expand how the process of leaving the club was

Seventeen months after his arrival, as explained, Carletto was comfortable, but could not reject Real Madrid. So comfortable was he that he had even recently moved out and gave no hint of a possible exit. But everything was really sped up.

The club resolved his departure in the best way possible, speeding up the end of the contract and the pertinent compensations without complications. As explained in The Athletic, Everton is a general disappointment with Carletto for “having left them in the lurch with little notice.” In addition, the departure of the coach, always according to this medium, would lead several players to rethink their future at Goodison Park.

As they explain, the vast majority of the players were shocked and surprised. They regretted not even being able to say goodbye. The Athletic assures that most of the players were “devastated” and others, disappointed.

Among them, this medium focuses on two names: Richarlison and James Rodríguez. The Brazilian was convinced to stay one more year with Carletto to make the final leap, but, according to what they explain, his departure has been quite a blow for him and he could leave.

The Colombian’s situation is not new for him, since Ancelotti always marched before the midfielder when he claimed him for his projects , but they do point out that his future is in doubt in the movement, possibly, in which he most trusted his soccer father.

Internal criticism

Always according to The Athletic, there are people within Everton who do not see Carletto’s departure badly. Only one half of the table in the Premier for a salary that exceeded 10 million pounds seemed a somewhat high cost and also, there were internal criticisms of his working methods.

Sources quoted by this means assure that Ancelotti was not directly involved in training and it was Davide, his son, who regularly conducted different types of sessions. As they point out, the “Just play” was one of the most repeated orders by the Italian.

To replace him, both this and other English media point to two favorites, Nuno Espírito Santo, a former Valencia player who has left Wolverhampton, and David Moyes, the current West Ham coach who already lived a long and fruitful stage at Goodison Park.

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