Argentina Will Take Part In The Copa America This Summer

The controversy of the Copa America in Brazil – a country who continues to be ravaged by the pandemic shows no sign of stopping.

While president Bolsonaro is insistent on hosting the tournament, his own players are threatening a boycott. Argentina, meanwhile, announced their participation this Sunday.

Colombia were removed as hosts due to the political unrest in the country, before Argentina received the same treatment due to their drastically rising coronavirus cases. Brazil were chosen as part of a last-minute change, a decision made without considerations of the effects the pandemic has had in the country. While the Brazilian national team threaten to withdraw from the tournament, the AFA have confirmed Argentina’s participation.

The situation is certainly complicated. Colombia were discarded for obvious reasons, but the same reasoning behind Argentina’s removal doesn’t appear to apply to their counterparts in Brazil. For that reason, and out of fear for the pandemic, there are those in the national team that want no part in this summer’s Copa America.

They’re not the only ones, but for now the varying federations are taking the first steps towards commencing the tournament. For example, the AFA have confirmed that the Argentina national team will travel to Brazil to take part in the Copa America as planned.

Therefore, there won’t be a boycott on behalf of Argentina at the tournament, at least not from the AFA. They posted this on their Twitter profile, with a brief official statement.

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