Sergio Aguero’s Father Has Criticised Manchester City Manager

Sergio Aguero’s father Leonel del Castillo, spoke about his son’s departure from Man City and implied that Pep Guardiola’s words regarding the striker weren’t entirely true.

Sergio Aguero left Manchester City before touching down in Barcelona last week, and his father Leonel del Castillo spoke to ‘Radio La Red’ about his son’s potential options and Guardiola’s words regarding his departure from the Etihad.

Del Castillo gave Pep a piece of his mind as part of a surprising attack on the City boss: “I don’t believe Guardiola, he never wanted Aguero, he always wanted to be the leading man in all of his teams”.

“Pep never treated him well, nor me, nor his brothers”, Aguero’s father added, although he still valued the quality of the Catalan as a coach. “That’s what Guardiola is like, he’s a great manager. But from one day to the next he changes players, the environment… You never know if you’re a starter or not. He said Aguero was irreplaceable and now he doesn’t have him in his squad”.

To conclude, he revealed that teams other than Barcelona where more than close to securing his signature: “Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea all showed their interest up to the last minute. If if wasn’t to stay in England, he would’ve gone to Italy, but then the option of Barca arose”. Somewhere Aguero won’t play again is Independiente, as the family ended on bad terms with the Argentine club.

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