Stateside Alt-Pop Aesthete Lav Has Shared Two New Songs

Last year’s stunning, whispered incantation ‘From Me, The Moon’ earned a Billie Eilish co-sign, with the pop colossus admitting she wished that she’d written it.

Each song from Lav seems to touch part of her soul, achieving a rare, and intense sense of intimacy.

New release ‘Sardine Song’ certainly achieves this, with its hushed, twilight feel aligned to a poetic lyric

‘Spirit Ditch’ is her take on a Sparklehorse track, and the music of Mark Linkous has literally delivered her from a dark place.

“Sparklehorse and Mark Linkous has inspired my writing style and got me through a very dark time,” she comments. “(This may be TMI) but last suicide attempt I made, I woke up and realised I’d left my Spotify playlist on very loud, and this song was playing. I felt it was a sign, being that my attempt was not successful and how Linkous ended his life; a sign that my story wasn’t over. Parallels to our lives have continued to inspire me to use music and writing as a coping mechanism.”

Two beautiful vocal performances, you can check them out below.

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