Simon Neil Has Landed His Own Six-Part Series On BBC Radio Scotland

The Biffy Clyro frontman is set to explore a wide variety of genres as part of ‘The Simon Neil Experience’, for which he will “share tracks from artists that have inspired him as a musician and music fan.”

The first episode airs at 10pm BST on June 9, and will continue to air during the same time slot each week.

Simon said: “It’s a pleasure to be doing ‘The Simon Neil Experience’ with BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Sounds and I’m proud to present 6 shows that each explore a different style of music that I love. Radio has been a big part of my life as a musician and music fan, and whilst we were not able to travel and share our music with the world, I wanted to share the songs, and artists, that have helped me through the last year, and more, alongside some very special guests that I am incredibly excited about.”

Gareth Hydes, who commissioned the series, added: “It’s fantastic to welcome Simon to Radio Scotland’s presenter stable with this new series. We are excited to be working with him and looking forward to hearing the music that has inspired him through the decades and the stories behind them. It promises to be a must-listen for all Biffy Clyro fans but also for anyone interested in getting more insight in to what influences the front man of one of Scotland’s most successful musical exports.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Many of Horror’ rockers recently finished work on a reflective new album

Simon and co revealed their follow-up to 2020’s ‘A Celebration Of Endings’ was intended to be a sister record, but it has transformed into its “own beast” and has a new name, which they aren’t allowed to reveal just yet.

Simon said recently: “The title has changed and we’ve got to keep it top secret at the moment, but we finished it literally last week.

“We weren’t intending on doing it, but we’ve ended up making an amazing album.

“Originally it was going to be completely hand-in-hand. They do relate, but because we didn’t tour I ended up writing about seven or eight new songs for the album. Originally it was intended to be a few off-cuts from ‘A Celebration Of Endings’, but now it’s got wonderful new art and it’s kind of its own beast.

“The lyrics correspond at certain points and there are a lot of Easter eggs for fans in there, but it’s a proper record. It’s not like we headed in, rushed it and banged out a few songs – it has become this epic ‘meister werke’, if I can say that about our band, which I can’t. I’ve turned full d***** now! I’m sorry.”

Fans can expect a reflective record about going through the global pandemic together, but “not being able to comprehend what someone else is going through.”

The LP was originally set to be called ‘A Commemoration Of Commiserations’.

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