Scott Disick Is Digging The Angles He’s Got On His Girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin

The reality star shared an up close and personal photo of his boo from behind showing her in skimpy lingerie, which included a pink bra and thong.

She’s reaching up onto a shelf and Scott is playing cameraman from the back, where he snapped a shot of her ass.

He captioned his pic, “A little higher, almost there.”

Don’t worry she knew what was going on here. It’s not like Scott did this sneakily and posted without filling her in and the reason we know that is because Amelia threw up similar photos of herself in the same two-piece set only this time, from the front.

Looks like it might’ve been an ad of some sort she was doing for a lingerie retailer ya know, seeing how she tagged them and everything

The couple’s been dating for a little less than a year now. Scott who’s 38, nearly 20 years older than 19-year-old Amelia hasn’t shied away from showing off his new squeeze be it at home or in public, now.

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