Rochelle Humes Is The “Bad Cop” Of Parenting In Her Home

The former Saturdays singer – who has eight-year-old Alaia, Valenina, four, and Blake, eight months, with husband Marvin Humes – admitted her spouse finds it hard to say no to the kids and their eldest daughter often plays her parents off against one another in a bid to get her own way.

Speaking on the ‘Sweat, Snot and Tears’ podcast, Rochelle said: “That’s the hardest for parents. I’m definitely tougher on the girls than he is. They literally have to just have to say ‘Daddy’ and give him one look and they’ve already got what they wanted.

“Then it’s like ‘Me and Daddy haven’t even caught up on this yet. I need to talk to Daddy about it’.

“And then it’s obvious that Mummy said no but Daddy said I could. That’s where the bad cop comes in.”

The 32-year-old beauty recently stepped in to overrule the JLS singer when he gave permission for Alaia to have an account on Tik Tok, a video-sharing platform which has a minimum user age of 13.

She said: “Alaia asked me for a Tik Tok account, and she’s eight and I’m like, ‘No’. She only wanted it because her cousin has it and it was like, ‘oh, you know they’re doing these dances’ and I’m like ‘you can do the dances, but you don’t need a Tik Tok’.”

While Rochelle has previously shared videos of her and Alaia dancing on Instagram, she isn’t interested in her kids becoming social media stars and doesn’t want them to take their “nice” lifestyles for granted.

She said: “I just want them to live their best lives. We’ve worked hard and live in a nice way but I don’t want them to think that is life. They still need goals.”

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