Resident Evil Village Modder Has Created An Even Harder Difficulty Than The Game’s Village Of Shadows Mode

The new difficulty level mode called “Madness” was created by the modder Exqray and is currently available to download for PC on Nexus Mods.

Exqray explains in the description why they created the mod, saying that since Resident Evil Village launched the hardest mode, Village of Shadows, can apparently be “completed within 4-5 hours” and so decided to make the mode to offer a new challenge to players.

The Madness mode mod replaces all difficulties when installed and features a great increase in health for enemies and bosses, a reduction in weapon damage, as well as an increase in enemy and boss movement speed.

Further, it’s recommended for players who have already completed the game and have fully upgraded all weapons to maximum, as it’s designed to be played on New Game+.

Exqray’s difficulty mode can be installed with the FluffyQuack Mod Manager after downloading both from Nexus Mods.

Resident Evil Village launched on May 7 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and PS5. Xbox Series X|S owners can only experience the game through backwards compatibility.

Last week (May 27), Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil Village has already outsold Resident Evil 3 Remake, shipping more than 4 million units, globally.

In other news Resident Evil long-term producer Peter Fabiano has left Capcom after 13 years at the studio.

The industry veteran has since announced that he will join Bungie, best known for developing the original Halo trilogy and the Destiny franchise, and will take on a role as a production manager.

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