Pixie Lott once landed in hospital after a disastrous attempt at warming up soup

The ‘Mama Do’ hitmaker has admitted she’s atrocious in the kitchen, as she can’t even put a bowl of soup in the microwave without giving herself a nasty burn and needing to be rushed to Accident and Emergency (A&E) at her local hospital.

She said: “I’ve been asked to do a few of the cooking shows but there’s just no way. I’m awful. I’m not even good with the microwave. I tried to microwave soup. I couldn’t do that. I burned my hand. I had to go to A&E. They’re dangerous, watch out for them microwaves.”

Instead of cooking her own meals, the 30-year-old singer relies heavily on delivery apps such as Deliveroo to bring her the food she wants.

And Pixie confessed she often has the delivery drivers pick up odd items, including deodorant and batteries.

Speaking on the ‘When No One’s Watching’ podcast, she added: “I use Deliveroo to an embarrassing extent. It will be for anything. If you’ve run out of shampoo you can get that, you can get a razor, you can get deodorant, you can get batteries – anything.

“I Deliveroo’d a coffee, a single coffee. And one time I woke up and I was really hungover and I needed Fanta and I Deliveroo’d a Fanta. Sometimes the Deliveroo charge is more than the Fanta.”

Meanwhile, Pixie – who is engaged to Oliver Cheshire – recently said she’s getting broody, and wants to start a family with her fiancé soon.

She said: “I’m a big family girl, a very big family girl. Family is everything for me so I would love to have my own family when I can find the time. When the time is right I would love that. It’s such an amazing thing to have.”

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