Peter Crouch And Abbey Clancy Won’t Be Having Any More Children

The 40-year-old former England soccer player and his 35-year-old model wife already have four kids – Sophia, 10, Liberty, six, Jonny, three, and Jack, two – and Peter is adamant that their family is definitely complete because it is “tough” raising so many young children.

Asked by OK! magazine if the couple had plans to add to their brood, he said: “God no! Don’t ever have four. It was a ridiculous decision – one that I love and wouldn’t change for the world – but it’s tough.”

Peter is set to host ‘Crouchy’s Year Late Euros: Live’ which will be shown on BBC One and says he’s sure Abbey, 35, will come down to support him, just so long as there is a bar in the studio.

He joked: “She’ll 100 per cent be coming down to the studio at Wembley, especially if there’s a bar as well!”

Abbey recently revealed that Jack came along at a time when she and Pete “hated each other” and the couple now describe their youngest son as a “guft from God” as he completed their now very happy family.

Recalling the moment she realised she was pregnant on the ‘Lockdown Parenting Hell’ podcast, she said: “I was finished with three. I went for a fitting and she said, ‘Are you pregnant by any chance?’

“She could tell by my body. I called Pete … he was with Glen Johnson. He said ‘If you’re going to say what I think you’re going to say, don’t say it.’

“I was so scared. He got another two hours out and when he came home he said, ‘I’ve had time to think … and it’s OK.’

“We hated each other at that point as well so I don’t even know how I got pregnant to be quite honest.

“The pregnancy with our three-year-old Johnny was hell, I hated him and he hated me. So I don’t know how it happened.

“That’s why we call him the gift from God. He is just wonderful and he’s fabulous and he’s fitted in so well.”

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