Paulina Porizkova Has Laser Treatments Because She Doesn’t Believe Skincare Products Work

The 56-year-old model has been open about the treatments she undergoes to maintain youthful-looking skin, and claimed she cannot rely on the products in her bathroom to reduce the signs of ageing.

She told Page Six Style: “Look, cosmetics and skin treatments are not going to do plastic surgery on you.

“It’s not like you’re going to use them and you’re going to look 20 years younger. It’s not only not realistic, but it’s impossible. So the best you can hope for with skin treatment products is that, you know, you’ll have a glow, or your skin will be nice and supple.”

Instead, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star opts for laser treatments that tighten and lift the skin and treat wrinkles and sagging around the eyes.

She explained: “I mean, what I really do to look like this is lasers. Everything I do is non-invasive and it’s incredibly subtle. The treatments that I prefer are the ones where you don’t look like you’ve been mauled by a bear.

“Day 2, You look like Frankenstein. You’re pretty scary looking.”

Meanwhile, Paulina previously admitted it’s “really freaking hard to be a woman over 50”.

The model believes she has hit the “dead zone” in her career, which she described as being in between “J-Lo looking fabulous” and veteran actress Betty White.

She said: “I did one of my, ‘Look at me. This is my face without make-up’ [posts]. And I’ve never used Botox or fillers. And this job that I was up for went, ‘Oh, well, we can’t use you then.'”

Asked by co-host Anthony Mason: “How do you feel about that?”, she replied: “I used to be kind of judgmental about it. “I used to go, ‘Oh, you know, I can’t believe that anybody’s injecting themselves and changing the way they look.’ “And now I think, ‘No, you know what? It’s really freaking hard to be a woman. And it’s really freaking hard to be a woman over 50. Because we really get dismissed from the table.’ “We have, like, a weird period between, you’re J-Lo looking fabulous and then Betty White. “And there’s kind of like a dead zone between the two. “So, I’m trying to fill that dead zone!”

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