M Field, With Plans For A New EP, A London Show, And A Fresh Single

The songwriter recently transplanted from South Africa to London, searching for inspiration and new opportunities.

Breezy alt-pop that sits in its own lane, his debut EP ‘M Field’ is out on September 2nd, with a headline show at London’s Moth Club to follow on October 13th.

Co-produced alongside Bullion, the EP is a breakthrough of some kind.

He comments: “There wasnโ€™t anything obvious or conceptual tying them together. but I trusted that my overall intention would bind them somehow. And of course, as time goes on and work is done things begin to cohere in unexpected ways. Working with Bullion also led to more sonic unity.”

New single ‘Andrew’ is online now, a reflective piece that seems to twist back upon itself.

M Field reflects: “Like in dreams, in songs everyone is you. But also nothing I say outside of my songs is actually true…”

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