Line Of Duty Fans Are Convinced Vicky Mcclure Just Responded To The Masked Dancer Rumours

Speculation that the Kate Fleming actress is actually the contestant behind the Llama mask on the ITV dance competition has been rife over recent days, with a lot of evidence to support the theory.

Amongst the clues offered so far to reveal the Llama’s identity has been a fan bearing the marker AC-12 — the name of the anti-corruption unit featured on the BBC One drama — and the reference to Llama possibly being “a Northern drama queen”, with Vicky herself hailing from Nottingham.

In a recent social media post, Vicky further fuelled the flames.

Posting to Twitter on Monday (May 31), The Replacement actress hinted at her Llama identity with a pun-filled greeting to her followers.

“Been an aLLAM’ingly hot day!” she wrote.

During Monday night’s episode (May 31), world-renowned burlesque performer Dita Von Teese was revealed to be the celebrity behind Beetroot.

Other celebrities unmasked previously in the competition include Jordan Banjo as Viper and Louise Redknapp as Flamingo.

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