Eastenders’ Phil Mitchell Will Surprise His Girlfriend Kat Slater With A Big Proposition Next Week

Phil (Steve McFadden) will become determined to affirm his commitment to Kat, in the wake of her mugging in this week’s episodes.

As we’ve already revealed, the incident sets the scene for a more shocking turn of events, when the mugger ends up stabbing Callum’s colleague Fitzy.

Prior to this, Callum and Fitzy head to the Slater house to speak to Kat in the wake of her ordeal, but Phil is unimpressed to see the police there when he turns up.

He assumes the worst of Callum, but Kat puts him in his place by revealing that she was mugged and he was too busy to listen to her.

After being ordered out of the house, a sheepish Phil later apologises to Kat and has a proposition for her.

Phil tells Kat that he’s seen the laundrette is up for lease and wants them to run it together.

Although Kat contemplates Philโ€™s offer, she eventually turns it down, not wanting to get involved in anything dodgy.

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