Coleen Nolan Accused Of Loose Women Co-Star Ruth Langsford Of Drinking Gin During Wednesday’s Show

The ladies were joined by Kelly Bryan and Janet Street-Porter on the panel as they discussed the news that upcoming weddings may be affected by a possible delay of Freedom day – otherwise known as June 21.

As head panelist Ruth asked mum-of-three a question, she accidentally called her Colin, saying: “Do you think they should be exempt Colin?”

“I just called you Colin!” Ruth laughed, as Coleen replied: “That’s alright Bob!”

Ruth, 61, then went on to reveal that she’s sometimes referred to as “Spongebob Square Pants” but she couldn’t quite say it properly and started laughing even more.

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“There’s gin in that! Just so you know!” Coleen then said, referring to Ruth’s coffee mug – as Janet and Kelly started laughing too.

Speaking about the suggestion of weddings being exempt from any delays, Coleen said: “You can’t do that! You can’t make one rule for one and one rule for the other.

“However, I do think it’s sad and I do think it’s incredibly sad for people who postponed it last year and rebooked it this year and probably rebooked it from June 21st, so it is really sad.”

Ruth Langsford couldn’t stop laughing as she struggled to get her words out and called Coleen ‘Colin’

She went on to reveal that during her intimate wedding to her second husband Ray, she and her family all “sobbed”.

“One of the main things I remember from my wedding to Ray was that moment in the registrar where it was just me and him, the kids, his mum and my sister and we all sobbed and it was so moving and so personal, and really reminded me of what the day was about, it wasn’t just about the party.”

Moments later, Janet branded Coleen “desperate to get married” as she admitted she was eating confetti that had fallen into her mug of water.

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