Chris Hemsworth Is To Front A Documentary About Shark Beach In A Bid To Help People Live More Harmoniously With The Sea Creature

The Hollywood actor will take part in a special dive, surrounded by nurse sharks, for a documentary on National Geographic WILD, which will premiere on Monday July 12 at 8pm.

The programme – which forms part of a larger Sharkfest week on the channel – will see Chris “go on a mission to uncover the science of shark behaviour and discover how humans and sharks can safely coexist”. The description reads: “After an increase in local shark attacks along the east coast of Australia, Hemsworth seeks to understand different species of sharks and their behaviours while also exploring new preventative measures and the latest tech to help stave off shark-human encounters.”

Chris will dive alongside conservationist Valerie Taylor, as they join forces to investigate how humans and sharks can live better together going into the future.

Janet Vissering, senior vice president of Development and Production, National Geographic Partners, added: “The mysteries of the ocean’s most iconic predators are so vast, even with eight years of shark-focused content under our belt, there still remains more to be discovered. Like every year, shark scientists and oceanic experts have pulled out all the stops for SHARKFEST, revealing new discoveries, shocking revelations and bizarre shark behaviour never seen before. It’s going to be jaw-some!”

Other programmes to feature during Sharkfest including ‘The Sharks of Hawaii’, ‘Shark Attack Files’, ‘Shark Gangs’, ‘Rogue Shark?’ and ‘Sand Eating Sharks’, amongst others.

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