Anne-Marie Has Adopted A New Approach To Life Since The Turn Of The Year

The 30-year-old pop star “crashed” at the start of the coronavirus lockdown last year, but therapy has helped her to bounce back and she’s now feeling much more upbeat about life and her career.

She shared: “Music is therapy to everyone, it helps us through hard times, if we feel alone, if we feel like we need to let loose and dance in the living room, it’s always there for us.

“But when the pandemic happened and I didn’t have my life in music anymore, I just crashed – I was so low, so sad, so confused about what made me happy anymore so I started doing therapy once a week and it completely changed my life.

“Speaking to a psychologist has changed my life completely and I’ve been writing the album during that process, so I’d get off a therapy session and do some writing.”

Anne-Marie has adopted a more positive, open-minded approach to her career over recent months.

And her new outlook has led to collaborations with the likes of KSI and Niall Horan.

She told the ‘Make It Reign’ podcast: “The person I was found it so hard to even enter a studio and work with people I didn’t know and at the start of this year, I said to myself I’m just going to go for it and remove everything that I think negatively of myself and of what other people think of me and I’m just go and do it and enjoy it and write music because I love it.

“If I take myself to the beginning of my career, or even a year ago, I wouldn’t have gone in the studio with Niall or with KSI.

“I just wouldn’t have done all this stuff and now I’m able to do Zooms every day with people from all around the world and I don’t have to feel like I’m going to die because of the anxiety – I just can’t believe how far I’ve come as a human being and that’s reflected in my career and I’m just so happy for myself.”

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